Wk 10 – Art Experience – Architecture & Urban Planning – The Wedge

So this week, I have to redesign the dreaded “wedge”. It is one of our school most loved to hate spot. EVERYONE WALK THROUGH THERE even when there is ABSOLUTELY no space to walk in. Worst, there is traffic coming to BOTH ways so it made the “wedge” even more cramped than it already is. So, I decided to give it more space to walk between, since that is the ‘wedge biggest problem. Not make it bigger though because people really ‘LOVE’ the ‘wedge’. I just moved one of the benches over so that there would be more space to walk between. I also removed some part of the black marble thing to make two entrances. That way, the ‘wedge’ can support two traffic instead of one, freeing up space. One of the problems with this solution, however, is that there isn’t much room to sit on the bench since people would be walking through you constantly. But no one sits on that bench anyway. But the biggest benefit to this design is that there would be TWO ‘wedges’ instead of one. That should keep student talking about it for DOUBLE the time.


Wk 9 – Art Experience – Grafitti

Eh, probably not one of my favorites art experience. Partly since I suck at it and partly because the pain of buying spray paints was painful. It was pretty expensive at Walmart, clocking in at about 4 dollars for one can, I couldn’t afford more than two. Not only that but I had to wait for 10~ minutes for someone to open the glass door for me to buy it and another 10~ just for people to confirm that I was 18 and above. Oh man. That was a big hassle, parking also sucked. Anyway, back to the graffiti itself, it smelled horrible and as mentioned before, I sucked at it. Even with paper marking where to go and only TWO letters to draw, there was no way for me to mess up, and I messed up. I can’t aim to save a life and I kept missing the line. In the end, I just filled the whole thing in with paints in frustration. Did I mention it smelled bad? Because it was. Sigh. Not one of my favorite for sure, but I guess the experience wasn’t half bad.17521716_1415258835208376_454350834_o

Wk 9 – Artist Conversation – Vanessa Olivarez

Artist: Vanessa Olivarez
Exhibition: Tender
Media: Film, Sculpture, Sound
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Werby Gallery

About the artist:

Oh man. This gallery. I was about to poop my pants the moment I walked into the gallery. The reason why I walked into Vanessa Olivarez’s gallery was because Mr. Glenn was talking to the artist so I thought, “Huh, this could be interesting.” And it was all too interesting. The sound, the video, haunting is how I would have described it. Anyway, this isn’t about me but about Vanessa Olivarez. Vanessa Olivarez is currently in her final semester at CSULB. She will graduate, hopefully, in May with her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sculpting. Vanessa said she liked video filmmaking more, which I then ask why she didn’t study Film. Vanessa said that Sculpting allowed her to work with multiple media rather than just focusing on Film alone. She also enjoys singing karaoke.

Formal Analysis:

Vanessa Olivarez’s gallery, for a lack of another word, out of this world. It was amazing. Spooky sounds were playing as you walk around. The room was completely dark and there were films playing. The films were overlapping each other, creating its own special effect. Vanessa also created her own special with a “hologram”, a piece of glass suspended with video playing off it. In the corner of the gallery, there was a small TV with a headphone that you can put on to cut you off from the gallery but not completely. Vanessa also included a karaoke, which she like to do, with a poem she made playing. There were also many sculptures scattered about that was part of the entire gallery. Honestly, everything was very well put together.

Content Analysis:

Vanessa Olivarez’s gallery was meant to give you an image of the deepest part of her thoughts. Everything she made was purely instinctual and nothing was…on purpose. Vanessa made all of the work inside the gallery pieces by pieces. Whenever something would come to her, she would make it and somehow made it all fit. It was supposed to represent a safe space for you to just….think. To let yourself feels everything around you. And I felt scared. “It wasn’t to be scary,” she said right after she said you can feel anything.

Synthesis/My experience:

I felt scared, for the first time in a long time with a gallery. But it was also the first time I FELT something. Usually, most things just intrigued me but Vanessa’s gallery truly peaks my curiosity. She is the second artist that I actually talk to right with my own will rather than just listening in to whatever was popular or easiest at the time. It was scary. But it succeeded in making me feel. So I guess you could say the gallery was a colossal success. One of my favorite for sureart3.jpg



Wk 8 – Art Experience – Finger Painting

This art experience was probably the most fun I had with art in awhile. So with everything prepared, the papers and paints I got from a nearby Target, I start to get to work. At first, I had no idea what I was doing, just doing random strokes. However, one stroke after another, a form start to appear, a fish. With more finger strokes, the body of the fish start to get finished. As I was finishing up the head, my sister walked in and saw me working. She asked if she could help, I said sure. It was the biggest mistake and the best idea I had in a long time. What was suppose to be a fish turn into a large piece of work. She KEEPS ON ADDING THINGS TO NO END. “Let add this, no no don’t stop, let add more stuff.” Eventually, we actually FILLED the paper with paints. Honestly, I was amazed. We somehow spend an hour FINGER PAINTING. Geez. And now it was REALLY late. So I finished up and in the end, we have A LOT of fun. We actually hang the art upon the wall.17547204_1415259051875021_1639799913_o.jpg

Wk 8 – Classmate Conversation – Gabriella Salazar

*cough* Sorry for posting this so late *cough* Got a fever and then a cold T^T *cough* Back to the blog I guess. ANYWAY. Sickness aside, last week I met with a SUPER cool person. Her name is Gabriella Salaza and she actually talks to me first. Now, it caught me off my guard completely because girls usually don’t talk to me first..yea…But this isn’t about me, IT’S ABOUT GABRIELLA. Now, Gabriella is a really outgoing person. She is currently studying Political Science as a Senior. Gabriella is from Bakersfield, which was pretty cool since I never even heard of it. We talked A LOT about politics. She really likes politics and I was really interested in her points of view so we talk for awhile. Gabriella does not have exactly the highest of opinion about our government. She didn’t even want to be a politician, even with her Political Science degree. Apparently learning about politics made her hate our government even more. So she instead wanted to be a private investigator. Gabriella boyfriend’s aunt suggested to Gabriella the job after seeing how Gabriella was so good at talking to people. I a hundred and ten percent agree with that. Gabriella was someone who you can easily just..talk to for hours about anything. Gabriella also has a German Shephard she loves very much. She really likes big dogs and not small dogs because small dogs bark too much.

Wk 7 – Artist Conversation – Andrea Meija

Artist: Andrea Mejia
Exhibition: Word of the Year
Media: Printmaking, Illustration
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery
Instagram: @macndrees

About the artist:

This week, we got another chance to do an artist conversation and this time I choose to talk to Andrea Mejia. Mejia was featured in the “Word of the Year” exhibition in a collaborative style with many other artists. However, her art is one that stands out the most to me. Andrea was originally majoring in business but failed math. Thus, she decided to work toward a Bachelor of Fine Arts instead. Andrea is currently a fifth year’s student of CSULB and will be graduating in 2017. Andrea is also considering graduate school after graduating from CSULB. Meija love to watch movies in her free time and luckily, she works at a movie theater so she can watch all the movies for free. But the majority of Andrea free time has been spent on drawing and improving her skill.

Formal Analysis: 

Although the gallery only shows one of Andrea’s artwork, “Alexander”, it immediately catches my attention. It was incredibly bright and give off this kind of comically feels to it. The piece was simple, but that was alright since I really liked her use of colors. The dark background really makes the color “pop”, literally. As there is a crystal like structure behind Alexander that really stand out thanks to the black background. Alexander’s shirt also mixed really well with the rest of the color and make the painting a lot brighter.

Content Analysis:

The main exhibition in the gallery was a group collaboration printmaking show based upon “Word of the Year”. However, Andrea decided to go with the flow and not stick to the main theme. Andrea inspiration for “Alexander” was her own comic book that she is currently working on. Alex is one of the characters in said comic book and that’s why Alex has so little details because he had to be drawn over and over again. When asked what the gem in the back of the man symbolized, Andrea said that gems have something to do with her story in the comic book. They are the items that her characters must find that they have to give up, which I found was very interesting.

Synthesis/My experience:

I really enjoyed Andrea’s artwork of Alexander. For one, I REALLY like her uses of colors. It not very common that a character hair is blue and that really appealed to me. Also, I really like comic books and it was great talking to another comic lover like me. She is even working on her own comic and with my limited experiences of comic, it not exactly an easy thing to do. So I really admire Andrea for pursuing such a daunting task of creating her very old comic. I would love to read it when it comes out.


Wk 7 – Classmate Conversation – Jeremy Masterson

Oh boy, we had some trouble. This week, I had the pleasure of meeting Jeremy Masterson. Our meeting was pretty natural as we met while looking at a funny picture. As soon as I go to one of the many amazing galleries, I saw one of my favorite piece from that day, “Hit Diggity Dog” by Ariana Dena. I saw Jeremy Masterson there looking at it, so I decided to strike up a conversation. We both thought the piece was freaking hilarious and wondered how any can even come up with the idea, a funny hot dog. After laughing at the idea of the silly “hot dog”, Jeremy and I agreed to then have that be our conversation and then leave after getting each other’s phone number. However, this is where things went wrong. We completely forgot to take our picture together. By the time we realized it, Jeremy was already on the other side of the map. It was entirely my fault since I forgotten about it and I was worried that I had to look for another partner. Thankfully, Jeremy decided to stick with me and said it’s ok to keep with this conversation since it was pretty special. Jeremy is a really nice guy for not abandoning me and I am really grateful for that. Without him, I would have been in even bigger trouble. So thanks, Jeremy, you are a great friend. I did manage to took a picture of the “Hit Diggity Dog” since it was so funny.


Wk 6 – Art Experience – Zines and FlipBooks

Zine. Oh man, I didn’t really know what I wanted to do with my zine so I sat there in my room for a few minutes just thinking of what I should do. I couldn’t think of anything so I decided to call it a day and went to bed. Oh boy. Nightmares. As a kid, I always had a nightmare. In fact, I CONSTANTLY have nightmares growing up. And sometimes it would be recurrent nightmares. Usually, they are also really vivid. That night, I had another vivid nightmare. I was sitting alone in my house, eating like usual. Until suddenly everything turned black and I was teleported to a dark room. There were creaking sounds and footsteps everyone. It was one hell of an experience, but it wasn’t that bad until I saw “it”. Oh boy. “It”. I don’t even know what to call “it”. It always appears in my nightmares at least once a month but it has been slowing down lately so I thought “it” was gone. Nope. “It” is this creature that I constantly dream about where it is a doll-like creature, with a sewed up mouth, and dead black eyes that are crying out black liquid. So when I wake up, I knew what my zine would be on, my nightmares. Zombies, tentacles, creepy dolls, ghost, any combination of the above, and of course, “It”. Fun.20170305_234522.jpg

Wk 6 – Art Gallery – Fiction Story Inspired by a Picture (Sculpture in this case)

The town is separated into the rich and the poor. The poor live below the rich, literally, and can only look up and admire the rich. Meanwhile, the rich can look down upon the poor and laugh at them. However, Sienna Browne and Breanne Bradly was different, they were in love.

Sienna was tired of being a noblewoman. The constant expectation and restriction have driven her insane. She wants to be free, to have the simple joy of running in the mud. On one fateful day, Sienna decided to have enough. She decided to do the unspeakable, jump down to from her perch. Maybe she thought that she would learn how to fly like the birds she once saw on television or maybe she was that desperate for freedom. Either way, she jumped.

However, fate intervened and Sienna fall onto Breanne, a simple farmer, injuring them both. At first, Breanne was extremely angry at Sienna for doing something so stupid and even ended up injuring him. However, after hearing Sienna story, he realized how brave Sienna was. After all, jumping down to the poor meant exile, once you were gone, you can never come back. Feeling sorry for her, Breanne decided he would shelter Sienna as long as she helps him with his farm work.

It has been 30 years since and Mrs. Bradly couldn’t have been happier with where she ended up.20170301_141826.jpg

Week 5- Artist Conversation- Within Us

Artist: Yeri Hwang
Exhibition: Within Us
Media: Interactive Arts
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East
Instagram: yeriyeti

About the Artist: 


Oh boy. This gallery. This was probably the most interactive gallery I been in. It was absolutely amazing. Yeri Hwang is an undergraduate student here at CSULB. She is currently in her last semester of CSULB’s School of Art and getting her Bachelor degree in Studio Arts.  Yeri started her college life as an animation student but decided to instead explore other art’s medias. She wants to expand her work after graduating and perhaps one day work in movies.

Formal Analysis: 

Yeri Hwang capture my eyes the moment I saw it. Everything, and I mean, EVERYTHING, was interactive. It was amazing to see how every of Yeri’s works have their own “activities”. Most of her works were physical things you can touch and DO something with. Such as a sword to grab or gears to turn. I noticed she also uses ALOT of light works. Yeri’s gallery was dark so the lights could be enhanced. She also uses very soft lights rather than aggressive lights.

Content Analysis: 

Yeri wanted her gallery to tell a story, or at least, that was my impression of her gallery. Walking through Yeri’s gallery, every single one of the pieces just flows so well together. I think Yeri wanted to mimic our journey through life with her works. With birth, then growth, and finally forgiveness and acceptance. Yeri also uses a lot of mythology just as the sword in the stone and the creation of man that was painted by Michel Angelo at the Sistine Chapel.

Synthesis/My Experience:

This gallery was AMAZING. Everything was interactive and it was so much more fun than just walking around and staring at arts. My mind was racing, trying to figures out how everything work and for me, that was a lot of fun. Another thing that really resonates with me was her messages. One of Yeri’s piece was of a house behind a curtain. What the house mean to us is each of our own responsibility. The first few weeks at CSULB was lonely, I could not find where I belonged. But now, I found my place at CSULB and that mean a lot to me.