Mmmm, the ‘almost’ last week of Art class. Oh man, I’m going to kinda miss this. I met another great friend today, Christopher, or as he introduced himself, Christ. Christ is an amazing person. Although I was late and had no one to talk to for the classmate conversation, he is willing to talk to me and do two classmate conversation. Thank you, Christ. Anyway, Christ is a fourth-year student here at CSULB and is currently working toward his Computer Engineering degree. Christ is actually graduating next year, so congratulations to him. In the future, Christ wants to make something rather than work in a large company. Although he does not have plans or ideas to do a start-up but that what he would like to do in the future. Christ actually sleeps for most of the day beside schools and studying. Apparently that what you do when you go to upper division classes. However, when Christ isn’t sleeping or studying, he would be watching animes or play video games or be doing his cool new hobby, 3D printing. Christ actually watches quite a lot of anime and gave me many great recommendations for the seasons and also give me advice on where to watch them. Christ also plays video games, not as much anymore. but when he does, he plays a lot of Overwatch.  18405553_1466926983374894_269007709_o.jpg


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