OH WOW! I NEVER EVEN VISITED THE JAPANESE GARDEN BEFORE. Truly, this garden was beautiful. Too bad my drawing skill can not keep up with the beauty of this garden and can not do it enough justice. It lacks the immense details that go into the garden itself and the beautiful nature surrounding it. Anyway, for my sketch, I just draw what was in front of me, without looking down and just let go. After I had a rough sketch and the outline, I went in and add some details into my sketch. The only problem is that I made a lot of mistakes and had to improv. For example, some of my boulders were extremely sharp and pointy. The proportional were off too because I didn’t look at my drawing and some of the outlines were too big because of my perspective. But I had a lot of fun and I think my foreground turn out quite well because it was the closest thing to me so it was a lot easier to draw. I was still pretty happy with it though.18378829_1466999663367626_1350716341_o.jpg


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