Woo. Another week, another classmate. This week, I talked to Marisa Monrones and how we actually talked to each other is a funny story. She was just walking around while I was looking up on what to do one Slack on my laptop. I found out we needed to do a classmate conversation this week and I looked up at Marisa. We made eyes contact and she walked toward me but then she walks away and then walks back to me again. Finally, Marisa sat next to me and ask if we have to do a classmate conversation and I said yes, laughing at how indecisive she was. Marisa is currently a sophomore who is studying Excercise Science. After all, Marisa loves sports. She played all kind of sports for fun, soccer, softball, and volleyball. Marisa is actually in a team for her high school for all the sports and said that sport keep her active and she has fun doing it. Marisa favorite sport is softball since she played it for the longest. The reason she liked sports so much is because Marisa’s hometown is Catalina Island and apparently the only fun thing there is sports. Marisa hopes to be a Physical Therapist when she grows up and finish her degree. An interesting fact about Marisa is that she like giraffe since she never saw it and it fascinated her.1605_1493616290592.jpeg


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