photo-apr-26-13-40-42.jpgArtist: Laura López
Exhibition: Selvática
Media: Drawing and Painting, Canvas, Oil Paints
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Werby Gallery

About the Artist:

Oh boy.  Laura López’s gallery was absolutely stunning and beautiful. The moment I walk in, my eyes was lit up and I knew I had to talk to her. So, who is Laura López? Laura is currently a graduate student in CSULB and is getting her Master of Fine Art in Drawing and Painting. Laura will be graduating with the degree next year. Laura hometown is Medellín, Colombia and she moved to South California to pursue her dream of being an artist. At first, Laura was actually very excited to be in California and enjoys its weather and beaches. However, Laura now misses her home in Columbia and is ready to return to its more tropical and mountainous areas. Laura also has several cousins and siblings who are extremely important to her. When Laura is not painting or drawing, she enjoys hanging out with her friends, singing, and dancing.

Formal Analysis:

Laura’s arts are extremely colorful and just…jawdropping. Laura draws entirely with oil paints on large pieces of canvas. Laura’s artworks are generally extremely vibrant and just overflowing with colors. It made Laura’s artworks come to life and just pop out of their canvas. Not only those Laura uses a large assortment of colorful and vibrant color, Laura also uses many different and varied patterns. Within Laura’s foregrounds are usually animals that blend into the strokes and color of its surrounding.

Content Analysis:

Of course, just by looking at her gallery, one can tell that one of the biggest inspiration for Laura’s color pieces are the jungle of her hometown. Laura said that she have always been amazed at how, as complicated as the jungles are, always seem to flow together into a beautiful fluid ecosystem. Everything just seems to fit together, from the trees and plants life of the jungle to the animals and species living in the ecosystem. Laura has always been interested in the jungle because she lived in Columbia but what set her interest into love is when Laura visited the Amazon Jungle. Laura vibrant and diverse uses of color reflect the equally vibrant and diverse species living together in a jungle.

Synthesis/My Experience:

Wow. The moment I walked into Laura’s gallery, I was absolutely amazed. It was beautiful and vibrant. It was basically a color explosion point blank to my face. Not only are the canvas huge, which I love, but Laura doesn’t settle for one particular set of colors. All of her work feature totally different and unique colors and I have been absolutely blown away. Looking closer, you can actually see all the details and wow. With such a huge canvas, Laura not only drew giant jungles and put details into them too. I was absolutely amazed and speechless.



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