Artist: Alice Andreini
Exhibition: No-Mans Land
Media: Painting, Oil, Wax
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Max L. Gatov Gallery

About the Artist:

Probably the longest I ever talked to an artist. Alice Andreini almost immediately stands out as she is probably one of the oldest person there in the gallery. I did not ask for her age for obvious reasons, but I once I started talking to her, I realized she was quite old. Alice has been working in the art industry for a long time. Alice used to teach at a community college for perspective arts and landscape arts. Which she incorporated into her art now. Alice is currently aiming for a Master degree in Fine Art and apparently, the writing on her wall was meant to be part of her thesis. Which no one understands and complained about, which she fixed while we were talking. Alice enjoys social media in her spare time like Facebook and such when she isn’t drawing. Alice was a lot of fun to talk to, be it a bit hard to follow at the time due to the difference in our level.

Formal Analysis:

What draw me into this gallery was Alice’s unique style of art, especially the scale of her arts too. Most of them were humongous, towering over other galleries’ arts. However, that wasn’t the only thing that made it so interesting. Alice drew landscapes and used different colorization to give each piece a unique feel. Alice also like to draw in this grid, perspective-ish style that made her arts look like it came from a game.Alice like to draw ‘random’ objects that seemingly does not fit the art but add to the uniqueness of each piece. I find them quite interesting, especially when I can create stories about some of the ‘random’ objects.

Content Analysis:

The thing that amazed me the most is the story behind Alice’s art. My apology, Alice, I probably will butcher your ideas since it’s so advance but let me give it a try. One of the most important ideas from Alice’s art is that it is not really a representation of anything. Although the landscapes in her art are real, she changes them to give them different feeling and different representation. Actually, they all are golf courses, just painted differently and with a different perspective. THat’s another important idea from Alice’s arts. Most of it is based upon perspective and how it can be warp into something more interesting. However, Alice also drew grids to show how even as warped as the perspectives are, they still somewhat contain, grounded within reality. It’s a fine line between, surrealism and realism. Alice actually compared it to something like a virtual reality, not exactly real, but not exactly fake either. It was quite interesting to listen to the idea and inspiration behind Alice’s arts.

Synthesis/My Experience:

It was a great pleasure talking to Alice. She was quite knowledgeable and I enjoyed our time together. I hope she finish her thesis and clean it up since it was quite confusing the first time I walked in. I actually almost walked out because of how confusing it was, but I  glad I stayed and listens to her stories.


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