20170423_231357.jpgWell. This was a….weird one. To say the very least. First of all, my life is basically dependent on technology as I am a Computer Science major. I bath in electricity and technologies. So a day without a technology would be…difficult. But alas, this was this week project, what can I do? Saturday, the day where I would usually just let go and have fun, instead, I now was forced to live without my precious computer. Sitting there, I thought it was pointless not to do anything, so I decided to take a walk. It was my first time walking around our neighborhood. I actually walked quite far, lost in thought. We apparently have not one, but THREE parks near our house. Also, I lived two streets away from a rich community where everyone has two stories houses and garden so massive it was basically a flower field. They were quite a joy to look at. Too bad I couldn’t take a single picture. We also had a creek a few street over the next neighborhood. There wasn’t much water, but there was a small wooden bridge that you can walk over. It was my first time walking across a wooden bridge, pretty freaking scary. We have a HUGE water reservoir near the main street that has a GIGANTIC water tower thingy. It was REALLY cool. The walk basically took up half the day since I woke up at around 1 PM. Once I return, it was time for dinner already at around 5-6 PM. I ate with my family and then proceed to my room. I slept at 8 that night. Mr. Glenn, I hope you are reading this because although the morning was fun, it forced me to sleep at EIGHT. EIGHT, who even sleep at eight. At least I got to wake up REALLY early the next morning, instead of around 12 – 1 PM like I usually do, I woke up at around 5-6 AM. Oh well, I got to spend the whole Sunday with my computer so that was nice.


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