Oh man. Amilcar Perez. Or what I like to refer him as, A.P. AP is a really amazing person. We have so much in commons, except for his love for movies. AP is as much of a movie nerd as I am a computer nerd. That’s why his major is in Film. However, he is minoring in Web Application which is really cool. Unlike me, he is a second year though. Have not met a single freshman… Anyway, AP wants to be a director or a screenwriter with his degree. He would like to direct or write an action/adventure film. Something similar to Alejandro González Iñárritu’s works. His favorite movie is Donie Daku. AP also enjoy watching anime, especially Cowboy Bebop. It seems he also enjoy GTO which is something we both liked and talked extensively about. AP favorite game is League of Legends, which is also my favorite game so we got to talk about that too. AP was pretty damn cool, too bad he’s bronze.img_8407.jpg


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