img_3484.jpgArtist: Yujia Gu
Exhibition: Tracing Gun Violence in the USA
Media: Graphic Design
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

About the artist:

Wow. The moment I walked in, I was amazed. I knew I had to talk to Yujia, her gallery was amazing. Not only that, but Yujia was amazing herself. She is a student here at CSULB and is working toward her Bachelor in Fine Art. Yujia wants to work toward a Master degree in Fine Art in her dream school, LSU – Baton Rouge. Outside of art, she likes to hang out and spend time with friends and watches movies.


Formal Analysis: 

The gallery was amazing the moment you step in. I was greeted by a giant gun made by people, smaller guns, and texts. It was an overwhelming sight. It actually took me awhile to take it all in. On the wall, there were ‘holographic’ pictures that were really well done. The bottom of the wall was lined with the percentage of gun-violence comparatively to Canada and America almost sextuple the amount of gun violence that Canada has.

Content Analysis:

Yujia made this exhibit to bring awareness to the amount of gun violence in America. She said was interested in the colossal amount of gun violence that we have here in American compared to China. This is note-worthing because, from a foreign perspective, we have very loose gun-control laws. Yujia’s mom was actually worried about Yujia being in the United state because of the massive amount of gun violence that we have in America. Yujia’s gallery also gives a really good perspective of how our gun violence compared to that of Canada. It might be exaggerated, but it sends a very clear point.

Synthesis/My Experience:

This exhibit is probably my third favorite gallery of all time. It was so well done and detailed. When I first walked in, I couldn’t even believe my eyes. For the third time in a gallery, I exclaimed without realizing “Wow…” Someone actually went through all the work to put sands into an exhibit. Not only that, but it was not just a little bit of sands, it was a lot of sands. But that was not even the most amazing thing. Brittney handcrafted hundreds of individual turtles. She did not even half-ass it either, I look at each one of the turtles and each turtle was so beautifully created and detailed. It was mind-blowing how someone could have the patience and energy to create hundreds of turtles individually like that. I also love turtles, my second favorite animal.



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