So this week, I have to redesign the dreaded “wedge”. It is one of our school most loved to hate spot. EVERYONE WALK THROUGH THERE even when there is ABSOLUTELY no space to walk in. Worst, there is traffic coming to BOTH ways so it made the “wedge” even more cramped than it already is. So, I decided to give it more space to walk between, since that is the ‘wedge biggest problem. Not make it bigger though because people really ‘LOVE’ the ‘wedge’. I just moved one of the benches over so that there would be more space to walk between. I also removed some part of the black marble thing to make two entrances. That way, the ‘wedge’ can support two traffic instead of one, freeing up space. One of the problems with this solution, however, is that there isn’t much room to sit on the bench since people would be walking through you constantly. But no one sits on that bench anyway. But the biggest benefit to this design is that there would be TWO ‘wedges’ instead of one. That should keep student talking about it for DOUBLE the time.


2 thoughts on “Wk 10 – Art Experience – Architecture & Urban Planning – The Wedge

    1. Ah. It’s is photoshopped. Since my drawing skill isn’t great, I decided rather than drawing it, I would photoshop my changes. Such as moving the bench back and create another wedge with the black marbles. My apologies for the confusing, should I add in a before and after images?


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