Artist: Vanessa Olivarez
Exhibition: Tender
Media: Film, Sculpture, Sound
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Werby Gallery

About the artist:

Oh man. This gallery. I was about to poop my pants the moment I walked into the gallery. The reason why I walked into Vanessa Olivarez’s gallery was because Mr. Glenn was talking to the artist so I thought, “Huh, this could be interesting.” And it was all too interesting. The sound, the video, haunting is how I would have described it. Anyway, this isn’t about me but about Vanessa Olivarez. Vanessa Olivarez is currently in her final semester at CSULB. She will graduate, hopefully, in May with her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sculpting. Vanessa said she liked video filmmaking more, which I then ask why she didn’t study Film. Vanessa said that Sculpting allowed her to work with multiple media rather than just focusing on Film alone. She also enjoys singing karaoke.

Formal Analysis:

Vanessa Olivarez’s gallery, for a lack of another word, out of this world. It was amazing. Spooky sounds were playing as you walk around. The room was completely dark and there were films playing. The films were overlapping each other, creating its own special effect. Vanessa also created her own special with a “hologram”, a piece of glass suspended with video playing off it. In the corner of the gallery, there was a small TV with a headphone that you can put on to cut you off from the gallery but not completely. Vanessa also included a karaoke, which she like to do, with a poem she made playing. There were also many sculptures scattered about that was part of the entire gallery. Honestly, everything was very well put together.

Content Analysis:

Vanessa Olivarez’s gallery was meant to give you an image of the deepest part of her thoughts. Everything she made was purely instinctual and nothing was…on purpose. Vanessa made all of the work inside the gallery pieces by pieces. Whenever something would come to her, she would make it and somehow made it all fit. It was supposed to represent a safe space for you to just….think. To let yourself feels everything around you. And I felt scared. “It wasn’t to be scary,” she said right after she said you can feel anything.

Synthesis/My experience:

I felt scared, for the first time in a long time with a gallery. But it was also the first time I FELT something. Usually, most things just intrigued me but Vanessa’s gallery truly peaks my curiosity. She is the second artist that I actually talk to right with my own will rather than just listening in to whatever was popular or easiest at the time. It was scary. But it succeeded in making me feel. So I guess you could say the gallery was a colossal success. One of my favorite for sureart3.jpg




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