Eh, probably not one of my favorites art experience. Partly since I suck at it and partly because the pain of buying spray paints was painful. It was pretty expensive at Walmart, clocking in at about 4 dollars for one can, I couldn’t afford more than two. Not only that but I had to wait for 10~ minutes for someone to open the glass door for me to buy it and another 10~ just for people to confirm that I was 18 and above. Oh man. That was a big hassle, parking also sucked. Anyway, back to the graffiti itself, it smelled horrible and as mentioned before, I sucked at it. Even with paper marking where to go and only TWO letters to draw, there was no way for me to mess up, and I messed up. I can’t aim to save a life and I kept missing the line. In the end, I just filled the whole thing in with paints in frustration. Did I mention it smelled bad? Because it was. Sigh. Not one of my favorite for sure, but I guess the experience wasn’t half bad.17521716_1415258835208376_454350834_o


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