This art experience was probably the most fun I had with art in awhile. So with everything prepared, the papers and paints I got from a nearby Target, I start to get to work. At first, I had no idea what I was doing, just doing random strokes. However, one stroke after another, a form start to appear, a fish. With more finger strokes, the body of the fish start to get finished. As I was finishing up the head, my sister walked in and saw me working. She asked if she could help, I said sure. It was the biggest mistake and the best idea I had in a long time. What was suppose to be a fish turn into a large piece of work. She KEEPS ON ADDING THINGS TO NO END. “Let add this, no no don’t stop, let add more stuff.” Eventually, we actually FILLED the paper with paints. Honestly, I was amazed. We somehow spend an hour FINGER PAINTING. Geez. And now it was REALLY late. So I finished up and in the end, we have A LOT of fun. We actually hang the art upon the wall.17547204_1415259051875021_1639799913_o.jpg


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