*cough* Sorry for posting this so late *cough* Got a fever and then a cold T^T *cough* Back to the blog I guess. ANYWAY. Sickness aside, last week I met with a SUPER cool person. Her name is Gabriella Salaza and she actually talks to me first. Now, it caught me off my guard completely because girls usually don’t talk to me first..yea…But this isn’t about me, IT’S ABOUT GABRIELLA. Now, Gabriella is a really outgoing person. She is currently studying Political Science as a Senior. Gabriella is from Bakersfield, which was pretty cool since I never even heard of it. We talked A LOT about politics. She really likes politics and I was really interested in her points of view so we talk for awhile. Gabriella does not have exactly the highest of opinion about our government. She didn’t even want to be a politician, even with her Political Science degree. Apparently learning about politics made her hate our government even more. So she instead wanted to be a private investigator. Gabriella boyfriend’s aunt suggested to Gabriella the job after seeing how Gabriella was so good at talking to people. I a hundred and ten percent agree with that. Gabriella was someone who you can easily just..talk to for hours about anything. Gabriella also has a German Shephard she loves very much. She really likes big dogs and not small dogs because small dogs bark too much.


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