Oh boy, we had some trouble. This week, I had the pleasure of meeting Jeremy Masterson. Our meeting was pretty natural as we met while looking at a funny picture. As soon as I go to one of the many amazing galleries, I saw one of my favorite piece from that day, “Hit Diggity Dog” by Ariana Dena. I saw Jeremy Masterson there looking at it, so I decided to strike up a conversation. We both thought the piece was freaking hilarious and wondered how any can even come up with the idea, a funny hot dog. After laughing at the idea of the silly “hot dog”, Jeremy and I agreed to then have that be our conversation and then leave after getting each other’s phone number. However, this is where things went wrong. We completely forgot to take our picture together. By the time we realized it, Jeremy was already on the other side of the map. It was entirely my fault since I forgotten about it and I was worried that I had to look for another partner. Thankfully, Jeremy decided to stick with me and said it’s ok to keep with this conversation since it was pretty special. Jeremy is a really nice guy for not abandoning me and I am really grateful for that. Without him, I would have been in even bigger trouble. So thanks, Jeremy, you are a great friend. I did manage to took a picture of the “Hit Diggity Dog” since it was so funny.



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