Artist: Andrea Mejia
Exhibition: Word of the Year
Media: Printmaking, Illustration
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery
Instagram: @macndrees

About the artist:

This week, we got another chance to do an artist conversation and this time I choose to talk to Andrea Mejia. Mejia was featured in the “Word of the Year” exhibition in a collaborative style with many other artists. However, her art is one that stands out the most to me. Andrea was originally majoring in business but failed math. Thus, she decided to work toward a Bachelor of Fine Arts instead. Andrea is currently a fifth year’s student of CSULB and will be graduating in 2017. Andrea is also considering graduate school after graduating from CSULB. Meija love to watch movies in her free time and luckily, she works at a movie theater so she can watch all the movies for free. But the majority of Andrea free time has been spent on drawing and improving her skill.

Formal Analysis: 

Although the gallery only shows one of Andrea’s artwork, “Alexander”, it immediately catches my attention. It was incredibly bright and give off this kind of comically feels to it. The piece was simple, but that was alright since I really liked her use of colors. The dark background really makes the color “pop”, literally. As there is a crystal like structure behind Alexander that really stand out thanks to the black background. Alexander’s shirt also mixed really well with the rest of the color and make the painting a lot brighter.

Content Analysis:

The main exhibition in the gallery was a group collaboration printmaking show based upon “Word of the Year”. However, Andrea decided to go with the flow and not stick to the main theme. Andrea inspiration for “Alexander” was her own comic book that she is currently working on. Alex is one of the characters in said comic book and that’s why Alex has so little details because he had to be drawn over and over again. When asked what the gem in the back of the man symbolized, Andrea said that gems have something to do with her story in the comic book. They are the items that her characters must find that they have to give up, which I found was very interesting.

Synthesis/My experience:

I really enjoyed Andrea’s artwork of Alexander. For one, I REALLY like her uses of colors. It not very common that a character hair is blue and that really appealed to me. Also, I really like comic books and it was great talking to another comic lover like me. She is even working on her own comic and with my limited experiences of comic, it not exactly an easy thing to do. So I really admire Andrea for pursuing such a daunting task of creating her very old comic. I would love to read it when it comes out.



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