The town is separated into the rich and the poor. The poor live below the rich, literally, and can only look up and admire the rich. Meanwhile, the rich can look down upon the poor and laugh at them. However, Sienna Browne and Breanne Bradly was different, they were in love.

Sienna was tired of being a noblewoman. The constant expectation and restriction have driven her insane. She wants to be free, to have the simple joy of running in the mud. On one fateful day, Sienna decided to have enough. She decided to do the unspeakable, jump down to from her perch. Maybe she thought that she would learn how to fly like the birds she once saw on television or maybe she was that desperate for freedom. Either way, she jumped.

However, fate intervened and Sienna fall onto Breanne, a simple farmer, injuring them both. At first, Breanne was extremely angry at Sienna for doing something so stupid and even ended up injuring him. However, after hearing Sienna story, he realized how brave Sienna was. After all, jumping down to the poor meant exile, once you were gone, you can never come back. Feeling sorry for her, Breanne decided he would shelter Sienna as long as she helps him with his farm work.

It has been 30 years since and Mrs. Bradly couldn’t have been happier with where she ended up.20170301_141826.jpg


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