Zine. Oh man, I didn’t really know what I wanted to do with my zine so I sat there in my room for a few minutes just thinking of what I should do. I couldn’t think of anything so I decided to call it a day and went to bed. Oh boy. Nightmares. As a kid, I always had a nightmare. In fact, I CONSTANTLY have nightmares growing up. And sometimes it would be recurrent nightmares. Usually, they are also really vivid. That night, I had another vivid nightmare. I was sitting alone in my house, eating like usual. Until suddenly everything turned black and I was teleported to a dark room. There were creaking sounds and footsteps everyone. It was one hell of an experience, but it wasn’t that bad until I saw “it”. Oh boy. “It”. I don’t even know what to call “it”. It always appears in my nightmares at least once a month but it has been slowing down lately so I thought “it” was gone. Nope. “It” is this creature that I constantly dream about where it is a doll-like creature, with a sewed up mouth, and dead black eyes that are crying out black liquid. So when I wake up, I knew what my zine would be on, my nightmares. Zombies, tentacles, creepy dolls, ghost, any combination of the above, and of course, “It”. Fun.20170305_234522.jpg


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