Artist: Yeri Hwang
Exhibition: Within Us
Media: Interactive Arts
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East
Instagram: yeriyeti

About the Artist: 


Oh boy. This gallery. This was probably the most interactive gallery I been in. It was absolutely amazing. Yeri Hwang is an undergraduate student here at CSULB. She is currently in her last semester of CSULB’s School of Art and getting her Bachelor degree in Studio Arts.  Yeri started her college life as an animation student but decided to instead explore other art’s medias. She wants to expand her work after graduating and perhaps one day work in movies.

Formal Analysis: 

Yeri Hwang capture my eyes the moment I saw it. Everything, and I mean, EVERYTHING, was interactive. It was amazing to see how every of Yeri’s works have their own “activities”. Most of her works were physical things you can touch and DO something with. Such as a sword to grab or gears to turn. I noticed she also uses ALOT of light works. Yeri’s gallery was dark so the lights could be enhanced. She also uses very soft lights rather than aggressive lights.

Content Analysis: 

Yeri wanted her gallery to tell a story, or at least, that was my impression of her gallery. Walking through Yeri’s gallery, every single one of the pieces just flows so well together. I think Yeri wanted to mimic our journey through life with her works. With birth, then growth, and finally forgiveness and acceptance. Yeri also uses a lot of mythology just as the sword in the stone and the creation of man that was painted by Michel Angelo at the Sistine Chapel.

Synthesis/My Experience:

This gallery was AMAZING. Everything was interactive and it was so much more fun than just walking around and staring at arts. My mind was racing, trying to figures out how everything work and for me, that was a lot of fun. Another thing that really resonates with me was her messages. One of Yeri’s piece was of a house behind a curtain. What the house mean to us is each of our own responsibility. The first few weeks at CSULB was lonely, I could not find where I belonged. But now, I found my place at CSULB and that mean a lot to me.



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