20170219_234245OH BOY. I AM SENDING MY 16 YEARS OLD COUSIN IN SAN JOSE A ART CARE PACKAGE. I’m going to keep his name a secret since he does like his privacy. But if you must know, it starts with a “P”. I actually planned to give him some gifts when I visit him in the summer. But I might not be able to make it this year due to college. So I think mailing these would work. We play a lot of games together. Like. ALOT. I and he always play a game calls League of Legends together and I would be his support. So for his care package, I will gift him something he could remember me by, my favorite champion <3. It’s a sticker for him to put on his desktop and a necklace. I could probably make up some deep story about how this will “support” him but in reality, it’s just something really cool.Besides the two gifts, I also will send him a picture of me and my swim team. He will be joining swim next year to follow my footstep, so maybe it will be something to motivate him. I will also send him a book that really helped me through English and that is “Rules for Writers.” He is taking AP Literature next year so I think this will help him…I hope. Also, when I visited last summer,  we made a lot of memories playing this game called “Okami ” together. So I will send him some sketch that I made after our visit during an art class that was also meant to be a gift this summer. Oh well. Oh, can’t forget my graduation hat, gotta help motivate him through high school :P. A lot of these have more memories and meaning behind them than any silly pictures or messages we share between us. Of course, some of the pictures and messages have their own memories but these are something he could physically hold and remember me by. I hope he like his little ephemera to remember me by until the next time I visit him.


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