Artist: La Rosa
Exhibition: La Rosa
Media: Spray Paints, Photographs, Acrylics
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dutzi Gallery

About La Rosa

This week, I had the pleasure of seeing La Rosa’s artworks in our school’s gallery. The moment I saw La Rosa’s works. I knew I had to talk about him. His artworks were amazing. La Rosa, as he preferred to be called as, is the third year at CSULB. La Rosa started out with studying Business and Fashion Merchandising. However, he was not happy with what he was doing so he switched major. La Rosa is currently studying Studio Art for his Bachelor Degree. La Rosa prefers media that help portray his work such as spray paints and acrylics. He also likes to experiment and explore with different media. In his free time, La Rosa, besides creating and painting, love to film, drink coffee, and listen to his vinyl. La Rosa mostly listen to indie, alternative, jazz, and hip-hop. Some of his favorite bands are 1975, Artic Monkeys, and Death Cab for Cutie.

Formal Analysis

As stated before, La Rosa often prefers to use two different media. One is spraying paint and the other is acrylics. What interesting about his artworks is that while he worked on expensive, white frame, La Rosa would often draw onto the frames. I am sure it was intentional, but it gives his works more of a sloppy feel to it. Maybe La Rosa does it to show that he is just human and often make mistakes. Furthermore, La Rosa’s arts themselves are also quite sloppy, even dirty. They are often never completely clean but sometimes are out of focus or the color contrast each other. To add on to this, La Rosa often make smears or splatters of paints to make his art even dirtier. La Rosa seems to really like warm colors over cold colors in his artworks. La Rosa also seems to like to experiment with different things as there are sometimes three-dimensional features or even just quotes.

Content Analysis

La Rosa’s art, needless to say, is quite sloppy. However, after hearing La Rosa talk about his artworks, I can see why they were made that way. La Rosa work is inspired by the nature of human emotion, the interpretation of beauty, and the perspective of youth. His art also explores love, especially broken love, rebellion, hope, and the chase towards beauty. This explains a lot about his artworks and why he does the things he does. Perhaps the unfocused part of his art reflects how human emotions can not be really focused on. Perhaps it also shows rebellious tendency. The strokes past the canvas could symbolize our chase towards beauty. That beauty would not simply be within our reach but beyond our own canvas. La Rosa’s many broken smears or splatters could represent his broken love, the chaos within his heart. Maybe they are not meant to be interpreted at all as the nature of human emotions are chaotic and unpredictable.

Synthesis / My Experience

I had a great time looking at La Rosa’s works and talking to La Rosa about his artworks. Speaking with La Rosa about the intentions and meanings behind his arts helped give me a new perspective. I can feel La Rosa’s works. Behind each stroke seem show sadness and brokenness. I’m not sure, but whenever I look at La Rosa’s works, I somehow feel sad, but at the same time relieve. It is a strange feeling but I am glad that I can at least experience it. Or at least, that is just me. That is just my interpretation and maybe I am completely wrong. That is what so great about arts. You can be completely wrong, but at the same time, completely right.




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