Phew. Week 3 have come and with it come with meeting new people. This week I met a fellow engineer, who seem like a really awesome person. I met him while looking for someone to have a conversation with and was greeted by him. His name is Jared Malabed and he is majoring Mechanical Engineering. Not only is he studying engineering but Jared is also in his third year. That meant he had survived two years and one semester of being an engineering student. Jared is also doing undergraduate research in robotic. Specifically, he is researching sensors that you put on a person to record their movement. According to him, what the sensors do is by using multiple surrounding cameras you can track a person movement. You can then extract the information into a computer from the sensor and create a 3D model with animations based on the movement recorded by the sensor. IT’S SUPER COOL. I then ranted about video games to him because he started talking about how this technology is used for video games animation. Sorry, Jared. OH. Jared is also a roommate with Elijah Yee, the artist for one of the artist gallery.  Jared was a really nice and friendly person, plus he helped me find a partner for this week classmate conversation.1428_1486938517928


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