Heh. Another week, another project. This time, we will be working with dead bodies. Oooooo..Spooky. Anyway, it’s a project about recreating the concept of “Landscape with a Corpse” We had to use our own original ideas and everything.

So as a gamer, I obviously went straight into the video games. I read some time ago that there have been many recorded cases of people playing video games. Mostly it was from people playing too much and forgetting to eat, sleep, or do anything besides gaming. I can totally relate to playing too much video games. Often, I would play and completely forget to do anything, including eating and drinking. Once, I completely skipped a meal because I was too busy climbing up the ranks.

My concept is me doing the same thing, not eating and drinking. However, this time, instead of skipping a meal, I skipped a few days, perhaps even a week. Without eating, drinking, or even sleeping, I died.

To further emphasize my point, I also had another computer to show that my entire desk space is reserved for one thing, gaming.

So remember guys and girls. Do not game too much. Seriously, there had been people who died.20170205_184121.jpg



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