Oh boy. It’s week number two. How fun. I met this pretty cool dude called Adrian Martinez. Apparently, Adrian is about 24 or something and I’m around 18. So we have a 6 years age gap. Adrian is a senior at our, that’s the fourth year for those who don’t get it. He is studying Construction Engineering and Management. Adrian wants to works a superintendent. Not just any superintendent, a superintendent for Clark Construction. While I do not know what that is, it’s still pretty damn cool. Adrian went to Warren Highschool so we live pretty far away from each other as I am in Santa Ana. Adrian, unlike me, is a console’s player. He owns a PS4 and plays games such as Battlefield1 and Overwatch. However, Adrian is currently getting into Final Fantasy 15 which is a really awesome RPG. Sadly, I’m more of a PC guy so most of the stuff he talked about didn’t apply to me…

Oh. Adrian also has a pet dog. Thought I really needed to mention that.1424_1486358492492.jpeg


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