WHOOT! THIS PROJECT WAS PRETTY COOL.                     To avoid the traffics to the beach, I had to wake up REALLY early in the morning. Woke up around 8:00 A.M. and I went with my dad to Seal Beach to create my sculpture. I will create my beautiful sculpture of out of plasters and sands. Well, hand because it’s only one hand. Anyway, we got to the beach and parked without any problem. I and my dad even manage to park without paying anything because we went so early. So, after parking, I started to dig a hole while my dad gets some water from the ocean to mix with the plaster. Since I was using my hand as a mold, I could both dig and create the mold without any help. Although, packing sand with your non-dominant hand was quite hard. My dad work with the plaster because he had experiences with it before. I and my dad successfully created both the mold and plaster mixture without much of a problem. We then proceed to create the sculpture by pouring the plaster mixture into the mold that I created. However, while waiting for the plaster to harden, I noticed an enormous problem. The tide was raising and my sculpture, not yet harden, was in the waves destructive path. To avoid the problem of my sculpture being demolish by water and protect it, I create a wall and moat in front of my sculpture. Surprisingly, the wall and moat worked out pretty well and stop the tides from reaching my plaster. Crisis averted. While waiting, I also noticed a large number of boats out in the ocean. Weird. It’s like they are preparing for war or something…Anyway, I’m getting side tracked. After awhile, the plaster finally hardens and taken the shape of my hand. To be honest, it turned out pretty well. I would say this turned out to be a pretty successful project. Yay.  My dad was a really big help in this project, though. I couldn’t thanks him enough for helping me with creating the plaster mixture. Thanks, dad.20170129_104034.jpg20170129_103723.jpg20170129_102238.jpg20170129_102638.jpg20170129_102219.jpg



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